LED street light accounted for 40% market shares in China

- May 18, 2018 -

As global economy recovery and LED industry development growing in China, hundreds of thousands of companies choose to step into international market. LED street light industry steps into high-speed developing period. Full-blooded competition trend prevails across the industry.


The situation of supply exceeding demand brings price war to make price of LED down. Also, the barrier is growing for domestic enterprises to step into Europe and America market. And, some enterprises begin turning to emerging markets.



As technology of LED chips and drivers grows, the problem of heat dissipation, light depreciation and driver has been consigned to history. Also, reduced price improves cost performance for LED street light.


LED street light has dominated domestic street lighting market. Smart controllability of LED street light strengthened LED street light growth across the industry. And under the background of carbon-emission reduction politics, governments around in China begin to market and apply LED street lights.


The subsidy of Chinese government has been suspended. And, LED street light steps into benign and stable development stage in domestic market, while international market becomes new developing point.


LED street light 1.png

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